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26 November 2007Added a new link: Added a link to Neil Daniels' Website
01 March 2006RESET of the Polls Pages for 2006...: it's time to choose your favourite songs ans albums... The winners in 2005 are:
1. Defenders Of The Faith (258)
2. Angel Of Retribution (240)
3. Unleashed In The East (210)
4. Painkiller (210)
5. British Steel (191)
6. Resurrection (184)
7. Screaming For Vengeance (177)
8. Live Insurrection (173)
9. Sad Wings Of Destiny (168)
10. Ram It Down (158)
11. Crucible (151)
12. Sin After Sin (148)
13. Killing Machine (140)
14. War Of Words (139)
15. Stained Class (138)
16. Point Of Entry (133)
17. Rocka Rolla (130)
18. Jugulator (129)
19. Demolition (118)
20. Turbo (109)

1. 'The Sentinel' (208)
2. 'Jawbreaker' (180)
3. 'Judas Rising' (178)
4. 'Night Crawler' (157)
5. 'Worth Fighting For' (155)
6. 'Hellrider' (155)
7. 'Made In Hell' (151)
8. 'Silent Screams' (146)
9. 'Into The Pit' (146)
10. 'Breaking The Law' (140)
11. 'Demonizer' (133)
12. 'A Touch Of Evil' (131)
13. 'Revolution' (131)
14. 'Eulogy' (131)
15. 'Lochness' (131)
16. 'Hell Patrol' (130)
17. 'All Guns Blazing' (129)
18. 'Metal Meltdown' (129)
19. 'Electric Eye' (128)
20. 'Between The Hammer And The Anvil' (127)
26 November 2005Added a new design: Added a new design to the site
10 July 2005More Sounds added: Added the whole KZRR 94 Rock Sessions (Rob Halford Interview & Acoustic versions of Worth Fighting For & Diamonds and Rust) in the Audio Bonus Section (Fan Area) and also in the Interview.
08 July 2005More Sounds added: Added the KZRR 94 Rock Sessions in the Audio Bonus Section (Fan Area).
01 June 2005TOUR DATES SOON AVAILABLE: I will soon add a tour dates page to my site, and i want to add the setlist for each show !
If you want to add your contribution to update this database, you can send me txt file with the setlist of the show !!
the txt file must be named like that YYYYMMDD.txt (for example 20050519.txt for the second show in Tokyo this year).
the info to put in this file have to be like this example (made by K_D on the Quorum):

Judas Priest - Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan - May 19th, 2005

01. The Hellion
02. Electric Eye
03. Metal Gods
04. Riding On The Wind
05. The Ripper
06. A Touch Of Evil
07. Judas Rising
08. Revolution
09. Hot Rockin'
11. I'm A Rocker
12. Diamonds And Rust
13. Worth Fighting For
14. Deal With The Devil
15. Beyond The Realms Of Death
16. Turbo Lover
17. Hellrider
18. Victim Of Changes
19. Exciter
20. Painkiller
21. Hell Bent For Leather
22. Living After Midnight
23. You've Got Another Thing Comin'

APPROX TIME: 130 mins

Additional Show (8000 people)
Judas Priest filmed the show with three videocams and used two large screens


You can see the result in the NEWS / [Tour Dates] Section.
Then you'll have to send me your file by mail ==> cdassy(at)
As soon as I put my tour dates page on line, there will be a link to the txt file in front of each date when available.
FYI I already have the 2005 japan tourdates - and i hope it's only a beginning !!
19 March 2005More Sounds and pics added: Added some pictures from Essen 2005 (thanks to MF666). Also add some songs in the Audio Bonus Section (Fan Area) such as Brings - Hex 'n' Sex (with Rob's backing vocals) thanks to Markus, and also Rob's appearance on Surgical Steel Demo, Smooth and Fast.
17 March 2005More pics added: Added some pictures from 1991 Painkiller Tour and Munchen 2005.
16 March 2005More pics added: Added some pictures from various years, including Damageplan, Fight, Priest...
07 March 2005Finland Show (extracts) added: Added a sample file of Priest show in Finland, including Electric Eye, Riding on The Wind, Hot Rockin', Diamonds and Rust, Turbo Lover, And Exciter...
Total running time is only 6:33.
I don't have the whole show
Thanks Pedro from the Quorum.
28 February 2005More 2004 pics added: Added some pictures taken by Adam Bielawski at Chicago Tweeter Center on August 21, 2004.
Adam Bielawski Website.
27 February 2005WYSP Interview with Rob: Added an audio interview of Rob Halford sent by Tito from the Quorum.
26 February 2005The French Metallian Forum: Added a forum to the site ! Click here to join, you're Welcome...
Let me know if there is some pb with it, I will modify the design soon...
22 February 2005'Fan Graphics' Page Updates: Added some Wallpaper in the Fan Zone.
I'm waiting for your contribution.
04 February 2005Some updates in News and Mag: Added a new Czech magazine
Now The FM site contains 154 Magazines Covers
And no more less than 405 Pictures are available
Also Added some old news (?) from the old version of the Website... to complete the history...
30 January 2005More 2004 pics added: Added some pictures taken by Quorum Member Balustre at the Graspop 2004, and pictures from the Arrow Rock Festival by Romuald.
25 January 2005'Videos' Page in The FAN AREA Section: Added some live video-clips of Judas Priest at the Arrow Classic Rock Festival in Holland on 12th June 2004.
Thanks to Marta.
24 January 2005'Interviews' Page in The NEWS Section: Added an 'old' audio (phone-call) interview of Rob Halford, done by Benji for the release of Resurrection, back in June 2000.
22 January 2005'Fan Graphics' Page in The FAN AREA: The 'Fan Graphics' Page will be the place where you will see all the graphics made by Fans.
I'm waiting for your contribution.
17 January 2005New "Angel Of Retribution" Design: Just added a new design to the site based on the forthcoming new Album
15 January 2005The French Metallian's return (part 1): I used to work on this new version of the site for long, but don't have enough time to add more sections for the moment. Enjoy the site and let me know if you encounter some problems with it...
The Priest won't come to France with the 1st leg of 2005 Tour ;-( I hope another part will be scheduled in the future.
Benji has recieved the new album and told me that it's a kickass album ;-)
07 November 2004Magazines page is online: The Magazines are now available...
For the moment, 153 Magazines .
01 November 2004Polls Pages are online: Added the 'Polls' page refresh the results (the current polls now allow to vote once a week per album or title, in order to avoid 'some defenders' to vote every day for their favourites)
11 October 2004New sections added: Added the 'Links', 'About' and 'Thanks' Pages.
26 September 2004Pictures page is online: The Pics are now available...
For the moment, 369 pics.
01 September 2004The French Metallian is Back: New Designs, but still the same passion to share with you...
Just like a Resurrection...
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